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Under the Car


The suspension reduces the impact on the car, avoiding mechanical fatigue and excessive wear, improving driving comfort and maintaining contact between the wheels and the ground despite its irregularities: a prerequisite for handling. Replacement recommendation is at 80,000km to improve vehicle handling and comfort.



Did you know that...

  • An exhaust system consists of 3 to 8 different parts.
  • The removal or alteration of a catalyst is punishable by a fine.
  • The failure of an exhaust system can result in the diffusion of carbon monoxide, an odorless and colorless gas.

You want to have an overview of the exhaust system of your vehicle? Visualize all the parts that compose it? Or just better understand how it works?



There are two aspects to consider when inspecting the steering of your vehicle: the steering assistance and the parts that drive the vehicle.

The hydraulic pump provides the energy needed to help you navigate your vehicle easily. However, that this pump will wear out sooner or later and cause leaks.





B & T Parts and Supplies has a full range of products related to engine management, including ignition and emission parts, on-board computers, ignition wires, battery cables and fuel system components.

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Tire Pressure Sensors

A tire pressure monitoring system is a safety device that measures, identifies and warns the driver when one or more tires is underinflated. We can provide you with a complete system or only the sensors already programmed.

Why monitoring tire pressure is important?
Most people do not know that tires are one of the most critical safety features on a vehicle. A loss of 3 PSI refers will increase in tire wear of 1.5 percent and reduced tire life by 10 percent.

  • 33,000 accidents are the result of under-inflated tires
  • 75% of roadside issues are caused by slow leakage or under inflation
  • 35% of drivers admit never checking tire pressure
  • An SUV owner can save up to $600 a year just by keeping the tires well inflated
  • 2.8 billion gallons of gasoline are wasted annually

Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Data Source


Sensors are the automobile's "sensory organs" for speed, speed, acceleration, gas concentration, temperature, and other input quantities. Signals have become indispensable for many control and adjustment functions of different management systems, for the engine, chassis, safety and comfort. Didactic systems make it possible to communicate the functions of sensors and actuators using typical components used in an automobile.

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Under the Hood


If you are looking for some hoses, we have them! We have a range of lubricant products in all formats including bulk oil. With the complete and reputed ranges of castrol and April Super flo, you will get quality products that will meet your needs.

Lubricants for all applications: in liter and 4 liters for your car, 60 liter for those who use more quantity like carriers, farming or in bulk for garages and more...

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Whether for the automotive, diesel, racing, agricultural or industrial applications, WIX is dedicated to the most efficient production and most reliable filters in the world. You want to know more about the filters, drop by and see us!



Ceramic brakes came to market on a large scale about two years ago. They last much longer than other types of brakes, are very quiet and offer equivalent cold and hot braking performance

Semi-metallic brakes were introduced in the early 1980s. They usually cost the same as the original equipment and offer comparable durability (from 40,000 to 50,000 kilometers) according to the driving style. They are resistant to high temperatures and their performance is better hot than cold. A disadvantage: they produce dust that sticks to the wheels and rust, due to the metal particles it contains.



It is not recommended to install new brake pads on a used rotors. A hard wafer on a soft disk will cause premature disc wear. The heat goes up so much that a non-riveted pad can peel off its metal mount.

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For more than 75 years, motorists have been relying on Bosch wiper blades for superior performance and advanced technology. Do not let an ice wiper lurk your vision but let it be the accomplice of good clarity. Here are Bosch ice wipes today!

  • ICON™ 
  • Evolution™
  • Excel+™
  • Micro Edge™
  • DirectConnect™

direct connect
Precision-cut natural rubber wiping edge sweeps the smallest drops for visibility and security with the DirectConnect

Micro Edge
With tension spring protected from water, snow and ice. Micro Edge blades feature a wiping edge made of a special blend of natural rubber for unmatched visibility.

evolution blade
Adopt Bosch patented zero-lift technology for exceptional all-weather visibility and easy installation without a Direct Connect ™ adapter.

ICON Blade
Original spring-loaded fx technology with two rubber types providing the best all-season performance and up to 20% longer life than other high quality wiper blades.



Without headlights or taillights, night driving would be a passage to the unknown, an experience of anxiety and fear. The superior performance of GE car headlight and taillight bulbs gives you more time to react to the steering wheel and gives you the confidence and control you need to deal with anything the night might be hiding.